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RailRoad Hobby or History related, in no particular order except MAYBE more recent ones I've found are on top. Let me know if any don't work. I can't keep up-to-date with them all. Apologies if I didn't describe your web sites very well.


Rail Pictures On-Line RR picture photobase, many really good scenes by photographers around the country, just wait out all the advertising. (2003,4)


Jet Photos looks just like Rail Pictures but it's all aviation.


rail road Forums good rr picture from many contributors. 2004
Also has link to 5000 RR websites.

RR Picture Archives AND good RR maps (2004)

Rail Seek ? links to RR websites ? (2005) The Internet Railroad Directory - Over 8,000 rail-related links, search engine, free classified ads, BBS, Train Simulator Add-Ons, ICQ List, and more!


Mike's Railroad Page mostly Illinois and Wisconsin scenes, nice (2004,5, 7)

_______________003 _______ LaCrosse Wis___

Carlson Photos of La Crosse, Wis. area (2007)

_____________________008_____Milw Wis___

Fuzzyworld by Mark H of Milwaukee (2007)


railroad bridges group, and I didn't write the full link, but you can copy and paste into your browser

bridges and tunnels group

trains and trolleys

________ 024 ___ Rich P set of rail pictures around Wisconsin, USA

Pich P rail pic archive 2008


Here are some RR vids that I took around the Wausau and Green Bay area....These were all shot by me (JJ) ....There are UP Coal trains...The Herzog Ballast Train.
..Some Green Bay industry switching action...Some Wausau yard switching...Some NB Wausau Trains....And Stevens Point action.... Starting with the newest at the top to the oldest at the bottom

Hope ya enjoy em.... JJ of Wausau, Wis. (2007?)


North East Rail 2003

East Rail News a pay-type news service but you can see a few pictures on the home page. (May 2002)


Idiot Rail Fan Tennessee? area (2004, 07)