Sample of a trains page from the Northern Wisconsin Railroads Picture CD
Here's a sample page similar to what's on the CD, except I reduced the quality and file size of the pictures so it downloads faster for the Internet. The CD has the full file size and quality and your Internet browser will read it from the CD.

WC presidential special on the track by Mellen

( page bess178 )
WC Presidential Special with Ed Burkhardt, president of the Wisconsin Central Railroad (35mm slide)

Map of 12 degree curves north of Mellen. The rest of the pictures on this page were made in this short stretch. (35mm slide)

Not many trains travel here in daylight, so I took lots of pictures. (several more are on the Cd)(35mm slide)

WC (35mm slide)

They went to Ashland and returned in an hour. That gave me time
to drive around to the east side of the valley and hike in a half mile
to the top of the bare rock; seen next.
Not many other vistas open up without trees blocking the view of the tracks and river.
I also used the Super-8 movie camera, but the film is short and the cloudy
windy day didn't make for very good movie film (35mm slide)

This slide blurred a little, too much telephoto in the wind.
The light was getting low and I'm getting cold up on the rock......
it snowed a few flakes by the time I got to Mellen. (35mm slide)

Train is passing location of track-level pictures (35mm slide)

There were no turning tracks for the train in Ashland,
so the passenger cars were turned on the wye in Mellen to get
the Caritas on the rear of the train for the rest of the trip.
Looking east at Wye, with Mount Whittlesey on horizon (35mm slide)

This is not a 'complete' researched history of the railroads; it's just what I've seen. And that's a lot. It's nearly every print and slide I found in my collection that applies to the abandonned tracks. Two hundred pictures of trains, four hundred of the right-of-ways, and a whole bunch of maps.

I've made this CD as an inexpensive way to catalog my collection and aid others in their modeling and historical efforts.

I put a lot of effort and time into this CD. I ask $17 for the CD when US-mailed prepaid.
Or if you can wait for delivery when we can meet at a train show or convention, the cost is $ 15 when you pick it up.
I don't get to very many shows, you should e-mail if you want to try that.

(My immediate use of the funds is to buy 3" aluminum telescoping tubing to make the "world's second-tallest monopod" to get my pole-cam up to 35 feeet.)

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