MORE about the Northern Wisconsin Railroads Picture CD
Here's a sample page similar to what's on the CD, except I reduced the quality and file size of the pictures so it downloads faster for the Internet. The CD has the full file size and quality and your Internet browser will read it from the CD.

Tyler Forks map zoomed to 2 meters/ pixel, closest view.

USGS aerial photo of half of above map, at 1 meter / pixel, closest view.

Siding of Tyler Forks. Another switch just like At Ballou. 1986. (35mm slide)

1996, same view as above. Railroad paints yellow dots on what they want to re-use elsewhere when scrapping contractor rips up the line. (35mm slide)

Station sign. The west side was un-readable, bleached out by sun and weather. 1986. (35mm slide)

East end of Tyler Forks. 1986. ( by 2000, the rails are gone.) (35mm slide)

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This is not a 'complete' researched history of the railroads; it's just what I've seen. And that's a lot. It's nearly every print and slide I found in my collection that applies to the abandonned tracks. Two hundred pictures of trains, four hundred of the right-of-ways, and a whole bunch of maps.

I've made this CD as an inexpensive way to catalog my collection and aid others in their modeling and historical efforts.

I put a lot of effort and time into this CD. I ask $17 for the CD when US-mailed prepaid.
Or if you can wait for delivery when we can meet at a train show or convention, the cost is $ 15 when you pick it up.
I don't get to very many shows, you should e-mail if you want to try that.

(My immediate use of the funds is to buy 3" aluminum telescoping tubing to make the "world's second-tallest monopod" to get my pole-cam up to 35 feeet.)

My E-mail address,click here

You may mail payment of $ 17 for US-mailed copies to:

Bruce Oldenberg
2360 Jelinski Circ.
Plover, WI 54467

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