Northern Wisconsin Railroads Picture CD

I've made a map and picture CD of what I know about railroads of this area.
The CD grew from coverage of 40 miles of track called the Bessemer Line,
to coverage of a large area over 5 counties and three railroads.

Most of the train pictures were taken from 1975 to the mid 1980's. A lot of track and right-of-way was photographed just before the rails were ripped out.

I wrote it in 'html', and you just buy a CD, use your Internet browser program, insert the CD and type or choose the start line. The rest is just like viewing the Internet, without messing around with the slow phone lines. And these pictures are bigger and better quality than I show on my web pages because I use bigger files on the CD.

All this is on one CD:


Park Falls-Mellen-Ashland area

Wisconsin-Michigan Railroad


BURLINGTON NORTHERN ex-NORTHERN PACIFIC Railroad maps and pictures, Superior to Ashland, Wisconsin.


C&NW BAYFIELD INDEX of very few pictures of the Chicago & Northwestern west / southwest of Ashland, Wisconsin.

Mostly a large Terraserver/USGS map and aerial photo series of the line from Spooner to Bayfield
I spent all the time 'following' the tracks, and here I present them all in a row on a page. It's very convenient.


C&NW Ashland-Hurley Maps and aerial photos only.

Here's some samples of the pictures I use, and they are reduced in size and quality to save file space on this web page. The real ones from the CD look better.

SNOW PLOWING near IRONWOOD, and probably most memorable for me. A whole roll of film on one dash through the snow.


Trestle 7. About three miles east of Moquah or two miles west of Ashland Junction.

Note that there are several small rivers with steep-sided valleys in the area. Some probably had trestles that were filled in.

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This is not a 'complete' researched history of the railroads; it's just what I've seen. And that's a lot. It's nearly every print and slide I found in my collection that applies to the abandonned tracks. Two hundred pictures of trains, four hundred of the right-of-ways, and a whole bunch of maps.

I've had several requests from people saying they'ld pay for a print of 'every thing' I have, but they didn't realize how large my collection is and how trivial some scenes are, such as watching fungus grow on a creosote pole. I've made this CD as an inexpensive way to catalog my collection and aid others in their modeling and historical efforts.

I put a lot of effort and time into this CD. I ask $17 for the CD when US-mailed prepaid.
Or if you can wait for delivery when we can meet at a train show or convention, the cost is $ 15 when you pick it up.
I don't get to very many shows, you should e-mail if you want to try that.

(My immediate use of the funds is to buy 3" aluminum telescoping tubing to make the "world's second-tallest monopod" to get my pole-cam up to 35 feeet.)

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You may mail payment of $ 17 for US-mailed copies to:

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