J and Gt in Point.


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tunnel at Buncombe , Wisconsin.
For many years, I thought Wisconsin only had 8 railroad tunnels. Now I see there's two more.
And the total is at least 11 if you count both abandonned CnW tunnels at Tunnel City. And I haven't confirmed another north of Richland Center (not to be confused with the La Farge / Tunnelville Road tunnel)

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Chippewa Valley Abandonned Railroads. 95% done as of Oct 2007, and I'm only 96% done with it as of 2009

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Manawa Rails , posted July 3, 2010

Rapids Rails June 2010

Biron Turn May/June, 2010

Junction City Work June, 2010

GT in central Wisconsin posted May, 2010

WC 3024 in Plover May 9, 2010

La Crosse CP April, 2010

Onalaska Railroading April, 2010

BC Rail in Wisconsin Rapids April, 2010

New Mazomanie Rail Museum April, 2010

Golden Sands railroading March 20, 2010

two hours in Point , with a variety of rail action, March 6, 2010

Point riverside with notes about GBW track, the paper mill, and the Jackson Flour Mill. Posted March 2010

Orange EJE SD-38 close up details, Feb 2010

Snowy Point Feb 2010

Rapids February , 2010

Switcher and EJE in Plover Feb, 2010

Shawano rails 2008 posted Feb, 2010; with pix from 2008

Plover Sunday Morning rails with an orange J, Jan 31, 2010

Rapids January rails Jan 30, 2010

GT and J in Plover Jan 24, 2010

Vetter Switch 2010 with the brick building, a picture from early in January, 2010

colorful J in Whiting posted Jan 23, 2010
with second page Whiting Wisconsin River Panoramic posted Jan 23, 2010

Frosty WC rails and one dark pic of the BC unit in Rapids, posted Jan 22, 2010

Portage Rails from Dec

Rail Day After Christmas , including some BC Rail units passing through; Dec 26th, 2009

Central Wisconsin Christmas Dec, 2009

J and cans in Plover Dec, 2009

GBW yard East of the Wisconsin River, posted Nov, 2009
and the next page, Wis Rapids 1st Street

Sunday Plover Nov, 2009

Plover Bakery Oct, 2009

blue GT in Rapids Sept, 2009; posted October.

Pan Am Boxcar October, 2009

Rapids Roundhouse and WC 1564, Sept, 2009

Yooper Drive By finally posted Sept, 2009

Tank Car Trainer AHCX 2004 by Potlatch Corp., Sept, 2009

The J by Plover Sept, 2009

WC 3022 in Plover Sept 10, 2009

WGN in Point sept 5, 2009

St. Ignace Rail Road Dock 2009

Badger Ferry Ludington, Michigan, July, 2009

Badger Ferry Manitowoc, July, 2009

J in Point July 25, 2009

Waupaca Aer-Rail East July, 2009

Plover trains 2 again July, 2009

Mill going, going, . . . . in Amherst, June24, 2009

Coal Train , BNSF on Weston train through Rapids, June19, 2009

Crane WC 9403 June, 2009

Plover trains June, 2009

Taylor train through Rapids May 29, 2009

Bus trip to Milwaukee with pix of a little Amtrak, and the Harley-Davidson Museum; May, 2009

Wisconsin River crossing low aerial picture, Wis. Rapids, May 2009

There's a Tree in my Tracks , Foremost industry of Plover, 2009

GMTX 200 paper mill blue switch engine, April, 2009

Caboose at GreatBigOutlet in La Crosse, Wisconsin, 2009

Bridges of Amherst posted April 2009, but the aerial pictures were taken last November.

Point Yard East March, 2009
and compare with Yard Autumn 2008 seen from a little further west on the street.

New Train in Plover March, 2009

Oshkosh Drawbridge , aerial, March18, 2009

Two Mills on the Wisconsin River, aerial, March 3, 2009

Rudolph hill aerial view, Feb 27, 2009

GBW crossing on the west side of Wisconsin Rapids. And some paper mill info. Two pages. Feb. 2009

Little Mill of Whiting , a paper mill and trains subject, Feb 18, 2009

Plover River Trestle Feb 13, 2009

Little Engine Big World 2 Brokaw Corn Wis Rapids

McCain Plover potato industrial plant, January, 2009

Basic American Plover industrial plant, January, 2009

Plover Snow Plow Jan. 21, 2009

Rapids snow Jan. 12, 2009

Snow Jet , a re-post of a 2004 snow blast web page.

SW combo Jan. 7, 2009

event (past) in my area, Artic Run Model RR Show and Sale Jan 17-18, 2009 Stevens Point Ramada Inn, Wis.

Viking Ferry 1978 with GBW boat train pictures, a re-post of a 2001 page, now back here January 2009

Happy New Year trains Jan. 2, 2009

upcoming event in my area, Artic Run Model RR Show and Sale Jan 17-18, 2009 Stevens Point Ramada Inn, Wis.

Switching to Christmas Dec 25, 2008 and a short summary of 2008

Hoffman Construction Railroad Display Dec 2008

Snow in Point and Greg B has pic of Hudson Bay loco; Dec 10, 2008. My area has 10 inches of snow now.

Thanksgiving Day 2008

Central Wisconsin has 3 inches of snow, Dec 3, 2008

First Snow and WC 1570, nov 2008

Junction City aerail, nov 2008

Amherst Junction aerail view, Oct/ nov, 2008

Street Loco how about a parade? nov, 2008 and discussed on yahoo wisrail messages

not just plain loco variety Oct/ Nov, 2008. Including Wisconsin Southern loco passing thru Rapids
(and I noticed the next gen free site was down two days last week, hope its better this week.)

Highway J overpass Oct, 2008

Also check my kite site for a Grand Rapids Autumn river panoramic (there's a train in it if you use a magnifying glass)
and Repairs to Isle of Honor, October 2008

Point yard aerail view, Oct, 2008

Little Engine Big World Oct, 2008

WC 1560 SW 1500, Sept, 2008

Two Plover trains Sept 29, 2008

WC 3012 on Taylor train, and a GN sky blue boxcar, Sept 25, 2008

BC Rail blue unit through Point, Sept 18, 2008
(i note that I have a lot of pages in a row on the free Next Generation site. If they come up with bandwidth restrictions, you might no be able to view a lot all in the same hour. Has anyone had difficulty with my pages?

Okray mural and Plover Patrol, 2008

Rapids three WC September, 2008

August rail variety around Wisconsin Rapids, 2008

Pictures of the Wisconsin River drawn down during mid-August are on my kite site.

Taylor Train arriving in Wisconsin Rapids, 2008

Two Old Soldiers , WC gp 40's in Wisconsin Rapids

Black Bridge and notes about the draw down of the Wisconsin River coming near August 18, 2008.

Afternoon Plover Patrol in Stevens Point, and a Model A picture

Wisconsin Rapids yard aerail pictures and history notes

a Sunday Plover Patrol

June Notes , railroad pictures of Medford, Plover, Wisconsin Rapids

June Variety of RR scenes

Kenner Hydro-Dynamic Building Set

air show Stevens Point, Wis., with B-25 Miss Mitchell

Wisconsin Rapids variety of CN locomotives, posted June 4, 2008

Wisconsin River panoramic aerail picture, posted May 26, 2008

Bright CN little gp posted May 24, 2008

County J overpass pre-construction photo, posted May 15, 2008

Amherst Mill to be torn down, posted May 8, 2008

and not a rail subject,
Grand Rapids Run Off Spring overflow of Wisconsin River, Kite aerial panoramic picture. posted May, 2008

Little Dinky moved in Irvine Park, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, posted May 3, 2008

Stockton Old Highway 18 crossing closure discussion, aerial views taken March 19, 2008 when the snow was still around; posted April 26.

Car Shop and Roundhouse aerail, April 9, 2008

KLSX Weather Shield flatcar, posted April 4, 2008

Vetter Switch aerail, March 24, 2008; posted March 27

Stockton Wisconsin aerial, March 19, 2008; posted March 23

Marshfield Veterans Walkway and some century-old Railroad possibilities. posted 2008 March 20

Dual Decal March 11, 2008 posted March 15

Panoramic Camera for kite or pole use, posted March 9

Plover February Feb 27, 2008 posted March 7

Oakway SD ex GM blue demostrator, Feb 29, 2008

some WC this week Feb 21, 2008

New Gates posted Feb 15, 2008

Kershaw Plow Feb 3, 2008

Rail Flaw Detector and some locomotives in the area, posted Jan 31, 2008

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They will probably disappear after Oct 2009 because they are not giving free web space after that.
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Wisconsin Rapids Power and CPI 1; posted August 5, 2004

Amherst Junction Wisconsin, posted June 26, 2004

Whiting and the Woods posted May 21, 2004

CHIEF WAWATAM 1978 Ferry 'Oldies but Goodies', posted January 23, 2003.

Page 2 of CHIEF WAWATAM , collection of the replies and information after people saw the first page; posted January 26, 2003.

For many pages older than 2008, see my index2

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